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2003-11-17 21:29:03 (UTC)

Amanda Leigh Allen

My full name- Amanda Leigh Allen
My eye color- Blue
Hair Color- Brown with light brown highlights
My skin color- White (really white)
Height- 5'8"
Pants- Size 7..sometimes a 5 if im lucky
Shirt- Small or Medium Small but if Im feeling sexy....im
going for a x-small.
Favoriite Color(s) Blue, Pink, Silver, Orange, Yellow,
Black and Dark Clear.
Favorite Article of clothing- My sext short cut panties
that say Ice Princess (on front) and bling bling (on the
Any Fetishes- I have a shoe fetish...I love shoes...even
if they're to big, Im buyin em'
Favorite Cousin- Haley
Favorite Aunt- Jeannie
Favorite guy(s) Brandon, Aaron, Jonathon, Brandon B.,
uh...and Marcus T.
Ever wonder off into fantasy land? Yes...Quite often. In
fact I was just in the middle of a fantasy thank you very
Kinkyness- umm...1-10 im about an 8.
Pessonality level- uhh..im bout a 6.