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2003-11-17 21:14:03 (UTC)

Someone save me!

Am I losing my mind? Or am I just insane? Do I even have a
place in this world? So many questions will be left
unanswered all because no one knows the real me. I just
sit back in the shadows and watch out for the things I
know can hurt me...although I sometimes may try them, I'm
just getting a taste of reality to see where I may go in
life..If I even move from the place I'm standing today. I
need a little bit of a push sometimes to get me going. I
keep trying to please everyone but I'm not getting very
far with the task. I'm in love at the moment. I want
him....does he want me...that's what's important. If he
does he has an odd way of showing it. I know I can be a
total clutz sometimes but does that give him the right to
take control over every disappointing situation? Does he
think he rules out everything..like I'm not important
because Im ditzy. Who knows the answer to all the
unanswered questions?....NO ONE DOES FOREVER WILL MY