you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-11-17 04:57:09 (UTC)

mirror, mirror on the wall...

who's the faeriest of them all?- i just spent 40 minutes on
the phone with brendan, and the man is INSANE. he seriosly
doesn't even see it, but he is (quite possibly, and most
definately) the cutest, most lovely man i have ever met.
everything he says makes me feel so special, i can't
describe it. he must have told me how cute and beautiful i
am 1000 times, and i'm starting to believe him- well, sort
of... (ha). i love him SO much, and i'm so happy for him
b/c it sounds like he met the most perfect guy in the whole
world, which is amazing!- and if not, he is so wonderful,
there will always be someone for him. oh, i'm so envious i
can't stand it... i wish there would always be someone
there for me.