Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-11-17 03:18:42 (UTC)


Ugh i hate when my good weekends get ruined....i had a
good day today..went out wit kate in the mornin to
applegates cuz i thought mr abrams was gonna be there but
he wasnt and mr wilson was in a bad mood and wouldnt tell
us..i feel anyway we went to the CHS play of the
Odd Couple female version and it was realllly funny..amira
did soo good and i was so glad to see every1 but i felt so
out of the loop...anyway saw frank and CVH and RVH and
Novak completely ignored me so now im gonna fuckin kill
her wit kindness lol..ya so we came bak and it was good
the drive bak and all...some hott guy came to the door wit
a thingy to donate money for toys for tots so i emptied my
change cuz he was Hott..then went and gave Drea her b-day
gift..towel rak from contianer store..and she was really
happey..then they pissed part comes in..cheryl asked me to
go over and read her paper for her so i do and erin kier
katey and lauren are in kier and erins room and lauren is
all HIIIIi but then liek they ignore me and it pisses me
off sooooo bad..its the fuckin three of them and it drives
me nuts and i know it drives cheryl and erin nuts cuz they
live there wit them...and i dunno like im used to ppl not
carin bout what i say but im not used to ppl completely
ignoring me when im talkin..all the time..i must have had
a 10 minute convo wit myself cuz they were ignoring me and
i dunno bout u but it pisses me off!! so ya just had to
get that off my chest..and just so u all kno i went up so
see my gurls chrissy and drea and they made me feel a LOT
better lol...thanx gurls and to add some FUN points from
my weekend...stephanie face planting out of my
car..CHERYL..umm were triplets cuz u look alike and we
have the same name sooo excited for thanksgiving!!

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