would the world stop spinning
2003-11-16 08:58:12 (UTC)

let me explain some things

first off..i'm not sayin i loath caela or aften...
tho from time to time it teaters with aften...since we are
all being blunt here i mean...
tho i will say one thing..i do completely loath the idea of
people getting with people that they aren't sure that they
want to or are ready to be with...and i think that both of
these girls have done that to me more than once..esp with
that whole we can work it out..if you can't don't tell me
you can b/c then i'm hurt while i'm still healing and
in aften's case sometime just don't open your mouth,i'm
tired of the storys..and the lies,to hell with it..if for
once aften would sit down and be like ok this is exactly
what i want,and mean it...i'd die!
i have done some very hurtful things,esp to caela...and it
was all outta hurt i was feeling,but i never once said
anything more than the trueth and that was that i wanted
her and no one else.
no do i loath caela and
do i loath alot of other people,yes....all the other people
named in the last post,YES! i generally don't like people
who get with or wanna get with my girl...esp knowing about
me being with her.