Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-11-16 08:25:15 (UTC)

Poem - "Two Sides"

I’ve been spending the past few days on my own
Away from the frenzy and mirth,
Piecing together unrefined thoughts
For what they might prove to be worth.
Between laughing and grieving after silently leaving
My favorite watering hole,
Hearing Tom Waits tell it better than I can
Distracts me from searching my soul.
At least in this place I can hide from disgrace
And I don’t mind the music so loud,
The drink isn’t flowing so my quirks aren’t showing
And my face is lost in the crowd.
My cup’s always full and the coffee is fresh
Even when I show up this late,
Those who are craving an uncritical haven
Come hear to recuperate.
Back at the bar a more boisterous breed
By games of chance are enticed,
Whether misguided souls are condemned or consoled
Is left up to a roll of the dice.
A man with a plan and a head full of haze
Who can’t see what hovers above him,
He’s feeding his girl enough liquor and lies
Till she finally decides to love him.
A few others, much younger, feel the same hunger
But display just a little more tact,
In their youth they play games, but their goal is the same,
Just a little less matter-of-fact.
Yet another nearby who speaks with a sigh
Can’t even rope in a victim,
As he tells me his troubles he’s probably trying
To figure why nobody picked him.
I finished my beer before fleeing in fear
Of desperation in red neon light,
The gaudiness grinding against my own grain
Just isn’t appealing tonight.
And now as I stare at the wall and compare
The perks of this place to the last,
I see the dichotomy whose sides I’ve assessed
So many times in the past.
In the wake of awakening recent events
It’s tough to connect all the dots,
The incoming thunder prompts me to wonder
Which side is calling the shots.
It seems like years since I faced my worst fears
And escaped a bad situation,
In the grim aftermath of the tears and the wrath
I was content with emancipation.
With a cynical scowl I threw in the towel
Before wiping the blood from my face,
Serendipity helped me to clean up the mess
But confusion lies in its place.
That is, until I sat down here tonight
And heard the case word for word,
Solitude works its magic once more
As both sides’ voices were heard.
Now I wonder what took me so long to extract
The answer from thin smoky air,
Both sides long for the look in her eyes
That ignites the soul that they share.