Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-11-16 06:29:03 (UTC)


Last nite I went to this girl ashleys house to do a
project..shes really kewl and we like get along really
well...we can read each others minds we watched
anger management and one hour photo which was a freaky azz
movie...i drove bak to school at like 130 and kellys sittin
there tellin me how i cant go to jurzee tomorrow cuz shed
be by herself..i dunno maybe she wanted me to invite her
but definetly NOT!!!Today I drove to here like
every weekend see the west milford
was realllyyyy and cheryl got off 80 and drove
straight to our nail place, but they were packed so we went
to another one to get pedicures cuz i deff needed
then amanda v is like theyre goin to the tattoo at 445 but
it didnt start til 615 but they wanted to get there early
to get good seats and we still needed to buy tickets and we
didnt want them to be sold ya im very confused
lately because I realized today how much i missed hangin
out wit amanda..i kno that we argue sometimes but she is
not like every1 u need variety in ur friends or
u get frustrated or bored and ya i also dont kno
what to do bout billy cuz they dont get along and they
never gonna say that they are both stubborn and
even if 1 did wanna make up with the other the other
wouldnt...get it? ya I dont wanna stop talkin to
amanda cuz of billy cuz seriously i wanna be both their
friends but I have a feelin billys gonna have a problem wit
it and it sux...cheryl b is friends wit amanda and her and
billy are still friends so i dunno why he woulnt be able to
deal with that wit me..whatever so the tattoo was rocked!! then OMG stephanie tried to go out wit
us after and we like said we were goin bak to school
Shhh..and lol when we were droppin her off she fell out of
the car...and i mean like landed face first on the was sooooo funny..then we went to IHOP wit
amanda dave cheryl kelly tom and rich which was kewl and
when we left tom drove his car up the hill..he got a new
truck its ya im sooo excited for thanksgiving
but that again is gonna be wierd cuz i kno billys gonna say
hi then ignore us cuz he always does durin band and
especially cuz he hasnt seen half the ppl...and im not
gonna ignore amanda but i know hell get pissed..i dont kno
what to do!!!...tomorrow goin to see the fall play at
CHS!!! wohoo