spaghettios and life

life is too broad a meaning
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2003-11-16 03:12:57 (UTC)


ookay so i was at this local concert -yellowcard-army of
freshmen-park-stole your woman-some other shitty band- and
in the el mosho pito i dislocated my knee. ahh damn me and
my being so damn small compared to everyone else. well
anyways my buddy keri saved me from the crowd and i got
ice and it was okay after i popped it back in. but i
couldnt walk for the rest of the night, she carried me
around (ah my hero) well then she got even cooler and went
around and asked guys from teh bands to come over and give
me hugs and shit and they did aaand the really hot awesome
singer from AOF -chris- felt really bad, since it was
during their set that i hurt myself. he gave me a free
tshirt and singed poster, way cool. we talked and yaay i
was happy. i still havent been to a doctor but i'll be
fine, it just hurts like a bitch and i dont really care
because if i did then i'd take advil. then again i
probably wouldnt since i'm straight edge and i just never
feel good about taking medication or anything. even though
when i was in the most pain, at the show, the stupid whore
brought me coke to drink. COKE! didnt even have ice in it.
that bitch. well not like i could refuse it, besides i was
way thirsty. so damn me. that reminds me, im gonna make
another entry about straight edge kids who piss me off. so
until then bye

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