Beautiful Face To Find The Pain
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2003-11-16 02:19:53 (UTC)

Howdy!! lol

Whats up y'all i havent been on here in like a year god
damn children alright well my name is amber im gonna be 18
soon im bored so i came on here becasue i got this thing in
the mail reminding me about it anyway im 17 ill be 18
january 26!! my boyfriend's name is michael and i have
known him for 3 years and have been with him off and on for
about 2 years he is the sweetest thing in the world!! im
glad i got him before anyone else did! I go to the medina
county career center i live in ohio i go to the career
center for animal care and managment i tke care of exotic
animals learn how to run a pet shop a retail shop i have
learned how to groom dogs cats and other animals we takem
care of horses and learn almost everything there is to know
about them and we ride them all the time!! im kinda good at
it but hey i wil get better in time this is my last year of
high school and im so nervous to go on to college because i
want to go to ohio state ATI which is an agriculture school
and i was to go there for horse production and managment i
love horses (to bad im not that good of a rider) lol
anyways well i wouldent want to bore y'all even though
nobody will probably read this and if you do dont be afraid
to say hi my email address is [email protected] just send
me and IM and i iwll say hey who couldent use more
friends!! love y'all HAVE A GOOD DAY AND SMILE!! :)

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