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2003-11-15 23:40:42 (UTC)

Yosemite & Tahoe

Hello again, I'm still in school so I'm super busy,
however, I just got back about a week ago from a vacation
to Yosemite for camping (at Wawona) and to Lake Tahoe,
where we stayed at a resort for a week (Tracy & Jim
weren't going to use their time share). Gini and her
friend Will joined us for the camping, and they also came
the next weekend, with Tiff, and stayed at the resort for
our last few days with us.
It was snowing in both Yosemite and Tahoe, and it was
absolutely gorgeous. God I love the snow. Ryan went
sledding for the first time in his life. It was my first
time on snow, but I have sled the white sands dunes in New
Mexico, and that kicked ass. We shroomed at Yosemite, And
let me tell you, the wilderness really is the best place
for it. I've done it in our old apartment and the
surrounding shitty neighborhood area, and this was
incredibly different. It was really beautiful there, since
the changing of the seasons was going on, and a lot of the
leaves were changing colors, and it would snow for a half
hour, then the sun would come out, then it would rain for
a little while, and then the sun again. I loved the
variety- it was nothing like Orange County, that's for
We got addicted to pool at the resort in Tahoe,
mainly because traveling wasn't that great with the huge
amounts of snow and all. We stuck to the resort for the
most part (but it was out in the mountains in the middle
of the wilderness, so it's not like we didn't see plenty
of nature around the grounds). Anyway, we decided to buy a
pool table for each other for Christmas, and we just
bought it a few days ago! It'll arrive in a couple of
weeks. I'm aware that will be about a month early, but
hell, it's not like we celebrate for religious reasons-
for us it's more of a Hallmark holiday, so the date isn't
really of importance. Woo-hoo! Pool! I built my first
snowman (that sounds so lame), and it was really fun. I
also built a naked snow whore. That was also fun :o) I saw
Finding Nemo (we were able to rent theater movies in the
room), and it was so cute! I liked it so much, I watched
it again with Gini when she wanted to watch it later that
Okay, that's all for now, hopefully my schedule will
get less hectic and I'll write again soon...