The Nine Faces of Dave
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2003-11-15 06:10:09 (UTC)

worst. first impression. ever

Well, today was certainly one of the more interesting days I
have had in recent memory. It wasn't particularly good, in
fact you might say it was downright fucked-up.

The day began with missing breakfast due to lack of supply.
I always hate when the dining halls run out of food; if they
were just being lazy, I'd at least have a target for all the
anger and disappointment, but who do I get mad at when they
run out of food? The other students? Supply and demand, or
maybe scarcity of resources? Adam Smith?

Anyway, I went to my guitar lesson and got assigned another
piece to work on, so things should be more interesting. I'm
definitely going to have to practice a lot more, but I think
I have life sufficiently under control now to do so. At any
rate, that was basically the high point of my day.

Now the weird part. After my return, I went to get a bit of
caffeine at the coffeehouse on campus, and hung around there
for a while with a guy I worked with last year. So after a
fashion, this girl comes up and asks me if I'm in orchestra
(affiliated with the school). She'd confused my guitar case
for something belonging to a different instrument. Anyway,
I introduced myself, since it would be shitty to talk about
string instruments with someone who knows their shit and not
at least get acquainted. She apparently took this as "Stick
around for a while, it's not like we're really talking about
anything, might as well hang out with strangers!" But hey,
it's no big deal, girl wants to talk to me, I'm not about to
start bitching. Still, something seemed very wrong with the
situation, as much positive spin as I tried to put on it.

And oh how wrong it was. After my chum from my old job took
off, this girl and I somehow got into a long, rambling, and
extremely stupid conversation that I really should have cut
off sooner. Somehow, we got on topics of popular music, and
she ended up telling me about being beaten up and, later on,
sexually assaulted by a gang of people whose connection was
listening to a particular artist. At that point I bailed.

Now far be it from me to not have sympathy for someone who's
a victim of such a heinous crime. Yeah, it's horrible, and
it's something that I don't think I'd wish on anyone. That
does not change my belief that you really shouldn't go about
telling complete strangers about that sort of thing, because
that is just fucked up. Anyone who would be broadcasting a
story like that to someone they JUST FUCKING MET clearly has
some issues, and that is not something I want a part of, no
matter the circumstances. Hell, my sane friends are strange
enough, I don't need honest-to-god nutjobs in the mix.

At best, this is a big, cosmic "fuck you" from the universe,
and at worst it's a severe kick in the pants. First girl in
a long time to talk to me without knowing me prior, and she
makes it clear very quickly that she's a total basket case.
Well fuck that noise. Drama queens are bad enough, but that
sort of thing is a recipe for something way beyond plain and
simple drama. That's a recipe for the sort of shit some of
my other friends have been in, and I want no part of that.

Now yeah, I'm kind of a weird guy myself. I study computer
science, and I play a lot of pinball, and I also drink a lot
of tea. It becomes an especially weird combination with my
guitar and my exercise habits. But that's all harmless near
as I can tell (unless the sheer diversity causes somebody's
hardwired head to explode). And most importantly, I'm about
as far from unbalanced as you can get. I'm stable, I am of
sound mind and body, and I don't see anything that might be
able to knock me down in the near future.

I don't hate the mentally unstable or emotionally unbalanced
(god knows I've had to deal with enough of them). But that
does not mean I want them in my life. It's hard enough when
I have to put up with my Jesus-freak relatives, and they're
still arguably sane (even if they believe obvious falsehoods
spouted by the Religious Right). This sort of thing crosses
the line pretty much any way you look at it, though. If you
have issues, get the help you need and handle it in whatever
(legal) manner you need. Don't go telling your story to any
stranger you meet, because that will NOT help.

No net loss though, unless you count the time, but my habits
indicate that my time isn't quite so valuable as I'd like to
believe. As long as this situation doesn't go any further,
I'll just write it off as a waste of time. Should something
transpire as a result of this, life could start getting real
interesting real quick.

In happier news though, my radio show went well. I need to
remember to inquire about making my demo tape so I can move
to FM come next semester. Then I'll actually be broadcast!
And people might actually hear me! Yahoo!

Just have to watch out for psycho callers, eh?

This is Dave, signing off.