listen to my silences
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2003-11-14 17:06:58 (UTC)


i had one almost all good day and then i had one all good
day. yay!

the almost all good day was monday...
i had to work from eight to one on registers, but jean
asked me to come in early to do the audit because she
can't. so i went in at seven which gave me one more hour
pay. yay! it was a really good day at work, considering
how saturday and sunday had gone. but i'm not going to get
into those days because i'm talking about the good ones.
anyways. so work was good. then i came home and ate some
chips and read some more of harry potter book five.
brandon called and asked me to come over. we've really
worked stuff out. so anyways i went over there and took
monster's inc and harry potter. we watched monster's inc.
my favorite movie! i can almost quote the whole thing,
without even watching the screen! it makes brandon laugh.
he dislocated his knee last friday so i took the book over
so that he'd have something to do, even though i am in the
middle of it. i threatened to dislocate his other knee if
he lost my place. anyways we watched the movie and
talked. his sister loves me now because i came over to his
house twice to check on him and his girlfriend had only
called him once in the past four days. we ordered pizza, a
large bbq chicken which is about thirty two squares. he
and i both ate fourteen squares apiece! so we talked a lot
and it was really good. then his mom came home and she and
i talked forever. i've missed her so much. i still feel
like i belong there. so i left and went to my parents
house. mom owed me forty and i owed dad forty so i had to
work that out. mom gave me sixty and dad only took
twenty. so that was cool. i was supposed to hang out with
jonathon and go to madison still but it was already about
eight o clock so i decided not to go to madison. i talked
to jonathon but he couldn't do anything. so i went to the
apartment and got ready for bed. tiff and nick were
there. jon came over and we talked some more. all good
conversations. when he left i started going to bed again,
but then he called. i hung up the phone before tiff and
nick went into the bedroom. so far it had been a wonderful
day/night/everything. i turned the lights off and went
into the bedroom and WALKED IN ON THEM. respect
for me or anything. i mean it was bad enough that they
were doing that while i was in the apartment, let alone in
the bedroom that she and i share. it wouldn't have been as
bad if we had two bedrooms, but we don't. so the day
wasn't all good. and then the next morning i'm pretty sure
i walked in on them twice. yeah...onto the all good day.

tuesday was my session with my therapist. it was all
right. actually, it was pretty rough. but that's okay. i
know what i need to work on now.

wednesday was the all good day...
i worked eight to five, but i had forty-five minutes
overtime so i got off at four fifteen. which was nice.
jonathon came over and we hung out for awhile. he's so
much fun. we ended up going to target and i bought mom and
dad's christmas presents with the money they'd given me on
monday. lol. jonathon ended up having to go home earlier
than i thought he would. so i called brandon and went over
there. we talked a little bit, mostly just joked around.
evidently he and his girlfriend broke up. he asked me to
stay for supper, but i wasn't planning on it and wasn't
really hungry. then his mom came home and fixed dinner and
she asked me if i was going to stay. i said i don't know
and she said yes you do you're staying so you can try my
new spaghetti creation. so i did. it was good. i cleaned
up the kitchen and then we all watched the oc and then i
went home. it was good. an all good day. *smile*

okay well i'm going to get off of here to eat. guess what
i'm having. chips and brownies. yum. later.

final thought: i know i'm pretending. i know what i'm
pretending about. i'm not going to tell you. so don't
pretend you know.