An inconcluded life
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2003-11-14 03:54:50 (UTC)

and life goes by...

So it's been 3 months. Yep... 3.

However, today, it's been 2 days, almost 48 hours since
the last time we talked. You've made no attempts to call
me or hear about me or read about me. You're just nowhere.
I went by your house several times and you seem to be
there but I can't be sure cuz it's only your car at home.
The other 2 cars are not around. So then again, you might
not be at home.

No cell phone. It's off. You know how I hate leaving
messages, don't you? Well, I keep on repeating to myself
the same words you once told me: if there is a day we
don't talk, don't worry, I get busy, but I still think
about you, there is nothing wrong. I even find myself
saying those words outloud!

It's already been a week of irregularity and when we spoke
on Monday, I thought things would go back to normal, but
you seem to still be busy. It's been a bunch of weird
days huh? Yeah. Well, anyways, I said I'd keep my word
on my part of the deal and even though I might be tempted
many times to breach it, I stick to it... yet, I don't
know if it is worth it. I don't know if you are going to
respect your part of the deal and comply? I'm gonna go
crazy you know. I mean, I think I'm already crazy by
continuing with this game. I'm already getting hurt. You
hurt. Your memories hurt. This whole situation is just
awkward. The worst part is that I KNOW how the story

Today I read this article about trust. These Jehova
witness came by the house and I happened to open the
door. The first question that came out of the lady's
mouth was: "how do you know you can trust someone?" Geez,
that you don't know! you just happen to trust people. How
ironic, I thought, the visit coincided with me writing not
long ago about trust. So I just told the woman to speak
fast cuz we are in the month of Ramadan and I was hungry.
I guess she was not a very strong speaker, otherwise she
would have rebutted with some crap about religious
differences and stuff. So she left and I took the little
booklet that spoke about trust. Weird. I have been
betrayed many times by people whom I really really
trusted. My mistake. I wasn't looking right. Never trust
someone who considers making a dishonest living, even as a

Oh well, I don't know if it is the aftermath of the
eclipse or what, but these days have been kind of crazy.
The moon was in its half phase. At 10.30 it was up there
showing off with this dull golden color. Awesome. I'll
have to hope for the best.