taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-11-13 04:40:30 (UTC)

Today can be described only as 'fucked up'

it all started at 5:30 in the fucking morning. After
previously viewing 1:35, 2:30, 3:04, 4:32, and 5:09 on the
clock (actual times may vary) I dragged my ass out of bed
for my cruely schedualed 8:30 class. Call me a pansy if you
must but 8:30 is early on a comparitive basis in my

So I get too school and everything is fine, I got an A on
my paper proposal so my thinking at the time was "hey, this
turned out too be a pretty good day, if I may say. Hooray!"
But spoken too soon I quickly did realize.

I got home at 5:47. The dry granite texture of my reheated
pork chops left something to be desired, but alas, I was
famished and didn't not overly mind the temporary

And thats when it got fucked up. So I'm sitting at my desk
watching the superb comedy stylings of the fat dude on the
king of queens, when my beloved Veronica logs on. Now, at
the time i was appearing off-line for previously disclosed
reasons, but, as one who greatly enjoys the company of said
Veronica, I log on. To my dismay. To my dismay indeed.
Having not offered my undivided attention, I am showered
with a flurry of proverbial gunfire. Although not fully
aware of that which was just befallen me, I attempt to make
amends for my divided attention which may have induced the
negative verbal drop kicks, but my full-hearted questions
are met with the dreaded anti-response. "What shall I do?"
screams an inner voice. By now I am tumbling down an
endless cliff of befudlement. Searhing for something to
grab on to. Something to sink my nails into to slow this
rapid descent, but these thoughts soon melt away as she
leaves me, alone, to ponder. Ponder what?

She returns. I am informed of the reason which resulted in
the charred remains of this post-apocalyptic wasteland.
Perspective granted. Everyone return home.

This entry was overkill. But the title is not.

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