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2003-11-13 03:09:38 (UTC)

Morgan... you hear this a billion times o i found the love of
my life ...but now it serious .... have you ever had a
boyfriend who always wants to be by your side stands up for
you acts like your best friend says the sweetest things you
want to hear and when you want to hear it well ...thats all
morgan he is my everything. I have been with him for almost
two months and he gives me more in a relationship then ive
had going out w/ guys for 4 or 5 months i mean come on its
great! i love it i get full attention rocks ive never
had this feeling befor like this feeling inside telling me
this is the person i want to spend the rest of my life w/
the person i want to grow old with. He makes me feel more
important to myself ... like i suddenly have a reason to
exsist. he is Mr. Perfect...I Love Him Sooooooooooooo Much!
the only thing id want diffrent is i would like to for us
both to be older b/c then .. ........we could get married!
LOL...ok a little soon but it would be nice!...well i g2g
to bed Goodnight! :)


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