Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-11-12 23:28:15 (UTC)

Packet Soups. No. II.

Continuing this from before. Packet soups ARE awful. I'm
reading a book. Actually, now I remember what book it is,
I've finished the book that involved the man who made
packet soups who argued that all the tasty vegetables were
removed to make the soups taste as non-entity as possible.
Its not an idea I like, but it makes sense.

What doesn't make sense is that people (hands up, someone?
anyone? No. Ah, well, seeing as the only people I can see
are Woody of Toy Story, that Blue chappy from the Zincs
and his mate Mike, oh, and when I turned I saw Francis
Omam-Biyik and Cameron Diaz (there'll be a googlewhack
here somewhere, spotter's badge for it) too) buy the
vegetables from said soups. I mean really...what's going
through the mind? Oh, I love the way that red things
tasted so...powdery. I must have some.

Don't jerk me around. Don't use packet soup. Make your
own. Now.

WILT? blur - blur.