2003-11-12 22:27:08 (UTC)

now i'm never the same girl twice..

not the same girl you loved last night... not the same girl
you fucked last night.

i havent listened to this cd in a long time. it reminds me
of January at lexmark, and of me and Alli's trip to atlanta
which was oh my god over a year ago now. thats insane.

i left work early cus we had not much to do and i have to
finish and print this paper and never look at it again i
have been entirely too stressed over it.

so matt's going to be all alone over thanksgiving and that
week. that sucks but he says he doesnt care, hes
like "Cant you go see your family another time." um no.
fuck no. mom's like "cant he come with us" um fuck
no. "maybe he can stay at the house with dad so they're
not lonely." um fuck no. and have him, god knows, trying
on my panties and greasing up my pillows and shit. fuck no
i said.

well i finished the fucking paper. it's 1950 words. thats
the best i can do.

i cant believe that nasty whore came to MY WORKPLACE. oh
my fucking god. the luckiest part of her yesterday was me
not being there.

well i guess im not going to dinner with her. big surprise
right. since im all dressed and no ones home i think im
going to go to the bookstore. or the mall. i'll go
shopping for ashley and that will make me happy. except i
wont get the santa teddy.

idontavertmyeyes [5:19 PM]: i was like, jessica. tell
adrienne that she HAS TO BE SANTA
idontavertmyeyes [5:19 PM]: lol
idontavertmyeyes [5:19 PM]: i dont care if i get
anything, i just want you here

im looking foward to seeing her.

ive been looking foward to tomorrow night too but i dont
know. she probably wont be able to go and i dont think i
want to go if she doesnt go, i would be sad. but i dont
want to make a big deal out of it, even though it kinda is.
but whateva.

"An Aquarius puts an innovative spin on your project. The
line between friends and more than friends is rather
blurry. Don't tease -- say what you mean."


danelle said she was talking about how she wants to kick
her roommate out. i like that, its much easier. her
roommate. not her girlfriend, no no no. her fucking nasty
ugly bitchy retarded cunt roommate. much better.

im guna go spend some time with myself.