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2003-11-12 17:34:39 (UTC)

Getting Ready

Last night I went to choir and the first song we sang was a
hymn (although for the life of me I can't remember the name
of it) the pastor chose to honor Veterans Day. I had
trouble singing it through my tears and I realized I wasn't
the only one crying. We've begun practicing Advent and
Christmas songs; some of these are difficult. Linda, our
choir director, doesn't let us get away with just Silent
Night and Away in a Manger! We'll be singing on Sundays at
church through Advent, caroling at nursing homes and at the
homes of church members who are homebound in early December
as well as during the Christmas Eve service at both of the
small rural churches our pastor serves (the other church is
even smaller than ours with about 20 members).

The schedule for the first two weeks of December looks like
Dec 3 (Wednesday) Church potluck followed by decorating the
church, inside and out, for Christmas as well as getting the
tables ready for the bazaar. I need to have a dish ready for
the potluck--beef stew? pizza? lemon cake? and find and
bring the ornaments I want to donate for the tree.

Dec 4 (Thursday) Set up table for bazaar. I need to have
all my crafts, etc. ready.

Dec 5(Friday) and Dec 6 (Saturday) Friday afternoon and all
day Saturday Sell crafts at the bazaar and help in the
kitchen when possible.

Dec 7 (Sunday) We're going to be putting the Christmas
baskets together after church so I need to bring 15 baskets
(I have 8 so far), hem napkins from some red gingham fabric
and bake and wrap 15 little loaves of various kinds of bread
(lemon/orange/pumpkin/banana, etc.) I also need to get some
cellophane and ribbons to decorate the baskets, make the
cards and put aside 15 of the little fabric angels I've made
for the bazaar aside to tuck in with the cookies and treats.

Dec 9 (Tuesday) Caroling with the choir.

I hope to bake during the week between Thanksgiving and the
bazaar and I want to try to get everything else done between
now and Thanksgiving. I also want to decorate my own
house (except for putting up the tree) and I think I'll try
to do this the week-end of Thanksgiving. John is
responsible for buying gifts; all I'll have to do is wrap them.

Now, the trick is not to get sick for the next six weeks!