The Diary of Me
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2003-11-12 17:19:47 (UTC)


it was funnie 2day atskool cuz we cunt b arsed with art
gcse work shit so we did crazy stuff and i painted every1s
hands in different colours then stuk em on paper and then
painted the oter side blak. im gona frame it cz its a
happy thing...and i drew a bug and mould. Sandie drew all
the characters from finding nemo, they was well groovie.
i nly tk art gcse cuz i was havin shit in drama gcse cuz
my confidence got eaten by a fukin llama...come on., what
else cud my excuse be...well it cud have been eaten by a
munkey but munkeys grow on trees so there...i was talkin 2
jeanette on msn but i wasnt cz i was readin sum really
groovie girl called olgas diary and i cunt b arsed tlkin
anyway. FUCK! my fukin hand keeps goin funnie and hrtin
and i cant fukin type properly. JESUS FUKIN CHRIST! i
just lit about 10 matches n watchd them burn out...i love
fire....i think i need to go and see a phyciatrist cuz i
need sm1 2 talk 2 tat as no fukin choice but 2 listen 2
me. j ever listen 2 me, shes 2 cught up in a fukin dream
world, she needs to get bak 2 reality. i dont giv a shit
if im being harsh on ma best m8, im bein realistic...i
love her loads but man dus she fukin piss me off smtimes.
SHIT MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Ive prob got that fukin
repetitive strain sydrome or woteva it is, i nly know that
from gcse it,lol...good fish must get so fukin bored...i
mean my fish just sits there 24/7 doin fuk all...i no it
as a memory or but if i were him/her (how the
fuk are u ment 2 no the difference in fish?) i wud hav
commited suicide ages ago...fukin hell i dunt wanna b a
catholic, its all bullshit, i dunt blieve in no god or
jesus or mary or woteva its sum story sum asshole made up
bak 2000000years ago and every1 believed him cuz he had a
big dik....thats wot i think i want really
arsed to write owt b4 but i can now...the teacher we had
for art sed she taped evrythin we sed in the lesson but i
think its bullshit...but if she has im in bullsit cuz i
was swearin aand bein crazy and was evry1
really. espec emma, she told miss to suck her dik,
hehehe, lol. i h8 emma tho cuz shes a fukin bitch, she
lways acts like smet shes not, i h8 ppl like that. o yeah
holly ratcliffe got the crap beaten outta er 2day, well it
werent that bad(or gud) but i fukin h8 her so much. ARGH,
just cuz i sed i hope she fukin dies in this f8, steph
strted givin me a rite lecture on how i shudnt say shit
like that howev much i h8 sum1! AS IF SHE HAS A FUKIN RITE
o fukin hell, im stressed now... if it werent for all them
fukin stuck up, bitches who reckon theyre all that and
love themselves and love goin around makin other ppls
lives a misery i wud actually like school...theyv all made
my life a fukin living hell so i cunt giv a shit if they
all fukin died! wow, it wud be well gud if they were all
at a party 2getha,. all the ppl i h8 and all the ppl that
deserve to die, and sum1 put a bomb in with em and blew
there fukin brains out, WAHOOOO!!!!!!! that daydream has
just made me feel well gud! ppl say that noone deserves
to die bt there are ppl who need to fukin die!
ppl get put in mental homes for talking to themselves but
do those fukin ppl who go to church and pray 2 sum asshole
they dunt even no exists? no! its fukin crazy! and

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