Nick's Journal
2003-11-12 04:44:29 (UTC)

Why the fuck doesn't winamp work?

yeah so i've been having a LONG fucking day. you see last
night i actually did not sleep. that's right. 8 hours,
from 11 - 7 i just sat there wide awake, tossing, turning,
duping myself into thinking that i was truly asleep; the
only adversary being the excruciatingly slow change of
alarm clock numbers. by 7 i was about to lose my shit,
when my alarm rang, oddly enough i hit the
snooze....twice. anyhow. so now i'm all tired and shit,
and i reallly just wanna hear pink floyd - echoes (you
hear me dan), and fucking winamp doesn't open? are you
sure, i could just restart my computer, but then IT would
win. moreover why the christ can't i find that song? i'm
trying to open with every conceivable media player on
earth but i can't find the fucking thing! which brings me
to my next gripe, windows search SUCKS!! there i said
it. what's up now.
on a die note, how the hell is a three hundred pound man
gonna come running up the sidewalk, yell at me from about
100 yards away, "hey please hold the door", puff his fat
ass up to me, then take the same elevator that i'm in? i
mean shit! you think dead bodies smell bad? this guy
smelt like he bathed in urine.
oh and by the way i musta missed the part last week where
god came down from heaven and told all asians to make
their cars really fucking loud and annoying. shit, for
some reason these past 2 weeks have been so loud all with
some honda wheezing by me.
christ well i gotta study, i'm so sick of all this school
shit, but then again i don't want to og to the "real"
world just yet. ah hell, might as well make the most of
it and go get some chocolate milk at kroger and visit mike
in aisle 4 (also known as the "take a fruity pebbles from
the second shelf and I'll sell you a bag of crack" aisle).