2003-11-12 03:46:56 (UTC)


i just logged into Friendster, cus some guy IMed me from
there... and where the fuck IS marcy??? shes not on there
at all anymore and last time I called her, her phone was
disconnected. who told me she was going to canada?? how
fucking weird.

this boy's a little cutie!! he IMed me cus I had Ani lyrics
on my away message and he finished them. hes a girlyboy.
you dont get many bisexual boys these days.

i really prefer facethejury to friendster.

well i went out with my mom tonight. that was alright.
madi broke her finger on her friends trampoline. poor baby.

caroline went to the doctor and her insurance covered it so
he gave her some medicines i guess, thats good.

oh i cant have this fight right now. "who are you going to
tampa with"... it's not who im going WITH its who im going
to see you dumb fuck. "and when are you going to ohio?"
never you stupid shit, what the fuck is in ohio, do you
mean INDIANA? like he just fucking met me. lol god.

i only have 1200 words. i need 2000. ugghhh. 2000 is a
lot. i dont have anything else to fucking say. i'm just
guna print it. he probably wont even read them anyway.
hes like "I think I'm just going to throw your midterms out
because I got tired of reading them." i should start my
next paper though so i dont leave it to the last minute
like this one.

i love that feeling, when youre cold, and you have a big
soft sweater on and if you put your hands inside and your
tummys all warm and soft on your cold hands. like when you
shave and then you get into bed and roll around in the
blanket and everything feels soft, or when its cold and im
in bed and im all warm and naked in my big soft wonderful
blanket and i like to touch my sides from where my hip bone
sticks out to my ribs just under my boobs, i dont know why
but i like how i feel there. i want to get tattoos up the
sides of me, just in that spot. i would probably have an
orgasm, i love getting tattooed so much anyway and then
right there.


i think im guna go to bed. as long as his stupid ass sits
online, she cant get on so. i love this girl. yeah ive
felt really funny lately. dizzy and nauseous not really
awake. i know im not pregnant. but no matter how much i
sleep im dead tired. and the other morning i almost passed
out and the room was spinning and i laid on that nasty
bathroom floor for 10 minutes because it was so cold and it
was the only way to stop the spinning. it reminded me of
the last time i was at ashleys, on the porch hugging the
concrete. i cant wait to see her. i have to get her
present. when the fuck am i guna do that. maybe thursday
afternoon if i dont go to work. i should really take a
shower. maybe. bedtime.