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tears in waves, minds on fire, nights al
2003-11-12 03:36:56 (UTC)

monotony is your friend, a very boring friend indeed

I really hope Nancy and June (my bosses) don't find out how
much I take advantage of the copy machine at work. I made
about 150 or so copies today for the big media presentation
on thursday. I also wrote the script for the play we're
going to put on. Judging by the presentations today, ours
is in the another stratosphere of entertainment. They
pretty much just got up there, read some facts, blah blah
blah, nobody listened. We're doing something much more
interesting and condusive to learning. It's a play
detailing the lives of "average" families and a few minority
families. Should be interesting, i think my script's funny

Here is a run through of all the work I need to do for the
next week or so (i.e. your cue to leave)

-Type up the presentation script
-study for Jazz appreciation exam thursday
-revise and update play for playwriting on Monday
-write reading reaction paper for women's studies

Yeah, it doesn't seem like much, but most of it is using my
creative forces which, coupled with work and social strain,
don't seem to be so full these days.

Adam and I watched a movie called 'May' last night. It was
actually very good. Funny but also sincere, not to mention
highly quotable. I suggest you all rent it. Now.

I said now!

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