malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2003-11-12 01:49:44 (UTC)

and the world keeps turning

i had this thought today, "what if the world stops
turning?" but then i lost interest and the thought passed.
there are all sorts of people in life who tell you, "Think
of the future. What are you planning for the future? what
do you want to be when you grow up?" what is people's
obsession with the future? can't they enjoy right now? i
mean, it passes swiftly enough... before they know it the
future is gone and we're all dead. who cares? let the
future happen on its own. each minute, each second that
passes becomes the past, tomorrow is today and today is
yesterday. for goodness saketake a look at the past and
smile. the world is in fast forward, i say we all pause. i
wonder what would happen if everyone, where ever they are,
just STOPPED. just stood perfectly still, for one whole
hour. perhaps in this hour of solitude they could better
assess their lives. like people who almost die but don't.
they always come back with a new perspective on living. we
should all almost die... that didn't come out right. i
suppose we are in a constant state of death only most of us
don't realize it. wow. that's a pretty thought; with each
day we are that much closer to serenity, or that much
closer to a giant frying pan, taking into consideration the
direction in which the majority of the population is headed
at this moment in time. that is way too many "tions" hmmm.
oh well. live today, and that's enoough. or sleep. sleep is
good too.