Montana bound
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2003-11-11 22:48:52 (UTC)

Party time

Well, we're supposedly having a house-warming party of
some sort or something on Thursday. Honestly, I think
Andy and I could both care less about the entire thing,
but apparently a bunch of people are putting pressure on
him to have one, so we're doing it to oblige them and get
them to shut up.

Derek came by with Jessica and Ashley last night, and
while he was here I showed him the "master suite" he'd be
boarding in if he moves in with us. It probably wasn't
very impressive in it's current state, but he seemed to
like it. I know he'd like it if/when Ashley visits him
and they have his own bedroom to go to, rather than a room
in his parents' house. I've certainly made use of my own
a few times when Jessica has come over.

I also went down to Evil-Mart today to see about getting
some rubber duckies. Those things are fucking EXPENSIVE!
I'll more than be able to afford them after I get paid,
but then comes the problem of deciding which ones to buy.
There's at least 5 different kinds, and I have no idea
what the hell I should do. I'm thinking I should ask
Jessica to help me out. Not that I think she knows any
more about this stuff than I do, but it couldn't hurt. At
least I hope not.

I get paid on Friday. I'm pretty sure I had 30 hours last
week, so it should be a substantial paycheck. I just
called Ty and told him we should have a party. Jessica's
supposed to be busy all weekend, so I figure why not?
Hell, God knows it's been more than long enough since I
did something with the guys as it is. I'm not sure if I'm
going to buy alcohol--the shit is expensive as fuck--but
there will be plenty of drinks/munchies there.

Anyway, I'm going to head to Ty's house. When I called
him, he said he's got a new game for X-Box called Gladius,
I think, and that I should come up and play it with them.

Don't mind if I do.