No time for love Dr. Jones
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2003-11-11 22:23:03 (UTC)

From the bottom it looks like a steep incline, from the top another downhill slope of mine

I got a bill from the tax office the other day for $880
dollars. What’s even gayer, is that they only gave me
effectively 3 weeks to pay. As I can’t think of many people
who could lay their hands on that much money in that short-
ish period of time, I rang the tax department to see if we
could come to some sort of instalment payment
option. “Fine” they said, as long as I don’t mind paying
interest after the due by date of the bill. This strikes me
as a bit rude.

Problem is that now I need to find this much money to pay
the friggin bill (made up from HECS fees, man I wish I’d
never gone to uni). Belinda says she doesn’t want me to
tell my mum or ask her for money, because it’ll look like I
can’t handle myself now that I’ve moved out of home. I
think she already knows that I can’t handle myself.

Belinda says she can lend me the money, which is cool coz
I’ll get it paid off, and I can her back by April or so
(fuck!) but at least I won’t be going to jail for tax
evasion or anything gay like that. Fucking government, and
fucking karma! It all pisses me off so much.

Why do I have to be so unlucky with money? What the hell
have I ever done to deserve this much bad luck??

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