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2003-11-11 20:32:42 (UTC)


This is supposed to be a fun day off!! The opera is over,
UCS is over--I should be relaxed! But why does it all still
feel BLAH!?!? lol The weather sucks today--it's pretty
dark out. And what's with all these damn temperature
changes?!??! I'm sick of Ohio weather! JUST STAY ONE
TEMPERATURE!!!! Anyways...
This morning I had to be up at 7 a.m. and on the road by
7:15 because I was taking a friend to the Detroit airport.
Then I came home and slept from like 11 until 3 p.m. I
have a recording session at 5:30 for grad. stuff and I
don't feel ready at all!! I feel like I haven't even
prepared for it. I don't even know if I'm in good voice or
not--I'm sure with all this rest that I am.
And as funny as it may sound I kind of miss the opera. I
guess I always get these feelings when I'm done with
shows. Oh well--I'm looking foward to working with these
people next semester to. It will be my last stage
performance at BG(besides my senior recital). It's kind of
sad to think about. Though I will be here for the summer--
I may still do that, who knows. I don't know where I'm
going yet which is making me feel very unsettled and
uncertain about so much. I'm hoping by the end of March
(or sooner) that everything will be in place-I just have to
hang tight until then.
We technically only have one full week and the remaing few
days of this week before THanksgiving break! I can't wait.
I haven't been home since August--and I'm ready to get away
from here, be at home and eat tons and tons of food, and
hopefully catch up with a few friends. *Cough--LISA*
CIAO For now...