The Diary of Me
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2003-11-11 16:34:30 (UTC)


i really can't be bothered to write owt 2day cuz its dark
outside and being on the computer and it being dark
outside makes me tired....yup weird i no, HAHAHAHahA, i
just wrote jennie an email cuz she always moans cuz no1
sends her nowt, lol. I think she fancies jason cuz she i
sALWAYS goin on about him ALLways and she gets rite
excited wen he emails her. She wants me sleep on friday
or saturday but i wanna c my dad n im goin out on saurday
anway. its not like its my fault i ant sin ma dad in a
week. its bad enuff only gettin 2 c him 2wice a week n i
can only get to c him at weekends and iv no chaance to do
nowt else. anyway cant be bothered

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