2003-11-11 16:25:10 (UTC)


I'm at carolines, and we see someone coming up the stairs
so i get scared and go out on the balcony. but it's just
erin. so she says "You have to go, shes on her way" but I
dont have time to go down the stairs and maybe pass her, so
I jump out the window. And I call her home phone to ask if
she can throw down my stuf, but she doesnt answer.. so I
come home and Claudia and Chaz are here. and im so fucking
tired that I just lay down with them, the three of us are
all curled up together. then my phone rings and Claudia's
like "It says "diana"" and im like oh shit dont answer it
and it stops... so im like "should i call it back" and shes
like "no!" and im like "but i kinda want to im curious" and
chaz is like "SHHHH!!" and we kept talking about it so he
gets mad and gets up and says I have to go! and claudia
says "me too" and i say "no no, come get sushi with me"
and she says okay. so we walk outside and theres this
crazy fucking thing that flies out of the sky into my face
flashes and flies away like a little plane. then we're
driving and im so tired i can hardly drive and i keep
almost rear ending people but then the guy in front of me
rear ends the guy in front of him. and then we're in this
place like a house or something and theres a smoothie bar
and i want one, and they have all those itty bitty CDs and
i want to steal them all because i LOVE those. then people
start streaming in "I'm sorry, we have to fix the light, we
have to fix the light, but as far as I can tell, there's no
problem with the light, but now everyone has disappeared
except me and this one lady, and she says "You must come
with me" and i say "NO!" cus im scared and she says "Come
this way, and drags me into the complete darkness and as I
try to pull away and go back, I see a creepy man in Dr.
Seuss pajamas walking toward us very very slowly with a
baby in his arms. And suddenly I KNOW. So I say we have
to go back now, we have no choice, and I say "How much for
the baby, sir" and he says "YOU WANT TO BUY ONE OF MY
BABIES???" hes so surprised and I say "I'm thinking about
it," and hes so creepy and old and staring and he hands me
the baby and I love it immediately and he says "only $112
for one of my babies" and I know that if I dont buy one he
will kill me, so I say lead me to them. and he does and he
has them in sheds in the dark and im scared out of my mind
but I say let me see them, and he takes out all of these
rats and snakes and ducks (?) wrapped up like babies and
say no no no no no and i run and run and run and i finally
find this big group of people who are dancing and taking
pictures and i jump into them, and this pretty girl from
my humanities class puts her arms around me and we're
dancing around and then i hear jetta and he runs up and im
playing with him and caroline walks up and i pull her down
on the ground and thats when i wake up. of course i dont
wake up when the fucking creepy pajama guy is chasing me, i
wake up then. whatever. thats bullshit man.