Finding my Light
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2003-11-11 05:24:19 (UTC)

Is Love Really Scarey?

Not too long ago I told my boyfriend that I loved him.
At the time he took it pretty well, but the next day he
told me that he freaked out. I tried to explain to him
that he shouldn't be scared of it and that's it's going to
be okay, but I don't think he understands. I know he
doesn't love me back in return and I told him that is was
okay. He still didn't understand. I don't understand how
love can be so scarey. I mean I for one embrace it. Even
when my first true love left me, I didn't just abandon
Infact I still love Nick very much and would be there
if he needed me. In the beginning Nick first told me that
he loved me and I wasn't scared of it. I knew at the time
that his love was real and that no matter what we will
always be friends. Sortly after I found myself loving him
and I couldn't believe how wonderful that feeling was. I
some how knew that Love wasn't a feeling a person should be
scared of as long as it was true.
I do wish though that Daniel would understand that I
don't expect anything from him. All I want him to do is to
just accept my love and be happy that another persom
outside his family cares for him unconditionally and would
do anything to see his happiness. I do fear that he will
leave me because I care for him so much. Someday I want to
have a deep conversation with him about love and find out
why he's so nervous about it. I want to help him to
understand that he shouldn't be scared of my love and that
no matter what happens between the two of us I'll be all
right. I mean one more burn on my shoulders isn't going to
affect me now.