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2003-11-11 05:24:07 (UTC)

Taking The Time To Listen


In the aftermath of the so called 'fight' with my friend,
there has been no change. And I'm not suprised. Cause I
haven't said that I feel like I'm alone and have no one to
talk to. But it's true. The sources that I went to for
comfort have dried up, and the interest is no longer there
for listening to me.

I suppose that it is time for me to move on in the sense.
A person can only take so much of ~L whining and then
they're full and can take no more. But I really do just
want to talk and be heard and feel like someone cares,
even if it's a facade. And I wish I knew how to do one of
those cool under the letter C thingies for that word.

I'm not always unhappy, but sometimes I'm serious and want
someone to just....talk to. Is it that complicated to


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