Davey Pavey

tears in waves, minds on fire, nights al
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2003-11-11 04:01:07 (UTC)

Wow, been a while eh?

Holy shit, long time no see. I needed to vent so I guess
this will be the place.

So strap on and fuck my brains out...

Perusing these old ass journal entries has reminded me how
little my state of mind has actually changed. Though, i'm
more understanding now.

I am a man without purpose. I get bouts of productivity but
they are few and far between. I think I have motivational
problems. Although, I was motivated enough to write this,
so maybe I have potential. Then again, even that motivation
is wanning. It's only been two days and I already miss Jess
even though we're still talking. I've met many people in my
22 years but few have had the staying power Jess has (I mean
that in a good way!) I hope it doesn't turn out as bad as
it seems.

On another note, why did my women's studies teacher pair me
up with three sorority girls for our media presentation? We
had a meeting and the entire time I wanted to jump out the
window head first into the pavement below. Jesus, is this
college or high school? In any case, my first course of
action was to get the hell out of there fast. So first
chance I got, I took over the meeting and ended it 30
minutes in. Perhaps I took advantage of my patriarchal
privledge by taking over the meeting? Oh, I don't really
give a fuck anyways.

More to come. I'm bored now, movie time awaits.