Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-11-10 13:25:03 (UTC)


Well, here we are, yet another weekend has passed. Nothing
overly exciting, we are just struggling with how we are
going to afford his ticket to see his Dad. He is now
talking about not going because it will run us $500 or more
for him to go up there for Thanksgiving. I can't allow
that to happen because this is the only time that he goes
up there every year. His Dad had a major stroke in 1999
and is not well, he needs to see his Dad. Besides, he is
the only one that goes to see him on Thanksgiving!
Otherwise, his Dad would be alone! I told him to give me
until Wednesday to find some cheaper prices and then if we
can't, we'll decide then what to do.
My son came home from his Dad's being a smart-ass this
weekend, so we had some problems with him briefly
yesterday. I asked him to put away his Rescue Hero so that
it wasn't on the floor since he wasn't playing with it and
he got up, saluted me, and said, "Yes, Captain!" I got
after him a little bit, then I was in another room when he
told my husband (who was mopping the kitchen at the time)
that he was going to "hit him in the head". He sent him to
his room and I went and talked to him later. As I am
talking to him, I can see that he is exhausted. I tell him
that I love him, and he bursts into tears. I invited him
to my lap and told him that sometimes we just get sad and
need to cry and for him to cry all he wanted to. He cried
for awhile and then was almost asleep in my arms. I asked
him to lay down and rest a little while, because my parents
would be here shortly to watch him while we went to our
first Lamaze class.
He fell asleep and when they got here just 10 minutes after
he fell asleep, my husband woke him up. He fell asleep
again on the floor in the living room for a little bit
longer and then woke up just before we left. Grandma and
Grandpa got him to bed before 7 last night (at our request)
and he seemed much better this morning. I guess he was
just overloaded from the weekend and the abbreviated visit
with his Dad.
Well, our first Lamaze class, that was an experience! I am
beginning to think that this whole experience is going to
make us so much closer. I am starting to see a whole new
side to my husband. When asked last night what he wanted
to get out of this class, he said "how not to pass out". I
asked him on the way home what he meant by that. Why he
thought that he would pass out, I didn't think that he had
anything against blood or whatever, so I wanted to know
why. He was almost killed (and was supposed to have died,
medically speaking) in a car accident almost 11 years ago
on his Mom's birthday. He has pain from his injuries on
his left side where his whole side had to be reconstructed
and so I couldn't understand why a strong man like this
would be afraid of something like childbirth.
He tells me that he can manage his pain just fine, he's
just not sure about how he is going to manage my pain!! I
also saw him last night really paying attention to things
that went on last night and taking something away from it,
not joking about it, like he usually does. He was very
soft spoken, very supportive. I can remember very little
time that his arm was not wrapped around me. It was also
very cute when he was making introductions to our
little 'mixer' group and he would jump right in and say,
and this is my wife, Carolyn. For those who don't
understand, we are only married common-law. He grew up
saying that he would NEVER get married or have children.
Here he has a wife and two children! That is something
else about this weekend, he was busting his buns to clean
our house (and especially the kitchen) before my parents
came over so that there would be a good impression and all,
and he reinforced to me that he likes his house, and he
loves his family. This is just one of the many reasons
that I love him and my son (my guys, as I commonly call
them). Well, gotta run, need to make out a grocery list.