Remember to Breathe
2003-11-10 06:06:14 (UTC)

31 love letters i'll never send.

It's that moment of wonder. When you have no idea how the
only other person in the room is feeling. You both stare
at the television, paying the closest attention to, and
making meaningless analyses of some program that wouldn't
receive a second glance if you weren't too nervous to turn
away from it and look him in the eyes. Holding my breath
would make no difference, so I instead exhale; long and
hard to push all the extra quivering air out of my lungs.
It sounds like a sigh, but I am anything but bored sitting
here in your favorite chair. It is the most excitement
i've felt in months. I could sit here forever. Even if you
weren't here I would still feel you in everything you own,
looking at your bed and knowing that is the very place you
are most comfortable. Would I be comfortable there too?.
Could I find comfort in your room and in your life? Could
you be at ease in mine? I took the flower from my hair and
tied it to your bedpost tonight, leaving a small trace of
myself for you to remember me by, because I can't seem to
forget you.

"it doesnt seem right to look you in the eye and let all
the things you mean to me come tumbling out my mouth."
-Bic Runga-