Montana bound
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2003-11-10 04:20:39 (UTC)

Like usual, I went to the..

Like usual, I went to the Skyline chapel to see Jessica
after her Messiah practice tonight. I got there about 8,
and spoke with Tom for a while. Jessica says he wants to
hang out with and get to know me better. I have no
problem with that, he seems like a pretty cool guy.
Physically, he's a lot like Ty; and he seems to have a
similar demeanor, too.

I have work tomorrow morning at 7 AM. That's early, but
I'll live. I work 'til 3:30, then I have Tuesday off. I
then work the same schedule Wednesday, Thursday, and
Friday, then 11-6 on Saturday. I get 39 hours this week.
Not bad at all, and it will sure bring in the dough.

I look forward to seeing Jessica again on Wednesday or
Thursday, and hopefully we can do something after I get
paid this weekend, too. I know, we've never needed money
to have fun before, and we don't now, but it is nice to
have. Besides, I want to spoil her, at least a little
bit. I ask all those who have been in love before, who

I've also got to call the DMV tomorrow and ask them about
the stuff for my driver's lisence. If I must, I'm more
than willing to take the class through 'Bonneville, but if
I don't even have to take a class, why do it?

Anyway, it's kind of late--never thought I'd think of 9:30
as late--and I need to get some sleep for work tomorrow,
so I'm going to cut it short here and get to bed.