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Bella Morte
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2003-11-10 00:27:35 (UTC)


" While she slept she had a dream. She dreamt that the
Neverland had come too near and that a strange boy had
broken through from it. He did not alarm her, for she
thought she had seen him before in the faces of many women
who have no children...He was accompanied by a strange

it's amazing the things we see when we dream. there is a
song that goes : a dream is a wish your heart makes, when
you're fast asleep. i find tht very interesting when
applied to my own dreams...

on another note, (no pun intended) i have been thinking,
there fore i have a headache, no really, i have been
thinking, and i do have a headache, but it has abdolutely
nothing to do with thinking...

oh my, where was i ? hmm.

oh yes, thinking, i was thinking. (let's not start that

people, they never say what they mean, they merely imply
what they mean and leave the rest to interpretation. anyone
can mean anything when they say it indirectly. my sign is
cancer. it is said to be the emotional sponge of the
zodiac, picking up on the vibrations of how people feel. we
are said to go about things sideways, never directly
approaching an obstacle. i don't mean we walk at an angle,
tho that would be pretty funny to see. we just don't like
cofrontation; no matter who is doing the confronting.
whether it comes to an arguement or telling someone you
like them we are terribly bad at this. although i don't
think i follow this profile completely, it's far too
general. i do feel it has some key points. PEOPLE in
general don't like to be confronted, so instead of making a
point they dance around one, never really stating how they
feel. this goes with that saying, "If you can't say
something nice, say something vague..." i find it terribly
unnerving. it makes me upset. i don't find it easy to
interpret things. the possibilities are endless, why can;t
people just say what they mean?

this reminds me of another thing, uh-oh, here i am going to
vex a few feminists; why do women have to do
everything men do? you know those women who want to join a
men's only club? why on earth do they want to do that? it's
terribly stupid, go join a women's only club. you're NOT a
MAN, trying to join a men's elite club is moronic, and it's
pointless, you just make them resent women. i can't stand
those type of women. men don't go joining women's clubs,
well, i guess some "men" do... but that is a woman of a
different color... here i go vexing the colored

oh my.. look where i've got myself to now...


-no apologies

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