malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
2003-11-09 23:21:40 (UTC)

faeries don't like cigarettes

well, i have had a most interesting week. i've been
poisoned by IHOP, almost missed a deadline, then my body
decided to turn on me too, i've had the worst migraine.
like some irate crowd is residing in my head chanting "BOOM
BOOOM BOOM!!!" not exacttly desirable. i keep having
strange dreams about people i haven't seen in a long time.
i don't understand what's going on. OOH! i did do something
half interesting, i am scared to death of roller coasters,
but this weekend i went on my first roller coaster! this
may not seem even slightly interesting or important, but i
mean, i was SCARED, really scared. and this weekend i went
on a roller coaster five times. not by choice. i was
dragged on by my younger cousin who insisted it would be
thereaputic... hmmm. i don't appreciate cigarettes. they
are really bad for one's health. and they smell terrible.
and they turn teeth yellow. they are groos. faeries don't
like cigarettes and niether do i


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