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It's My Life
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2003-11-09 20:14:36 (UTC)

Getting Over It All

so this weekend was the best weekend i have had in the
longest time. On friday we went to Altoona to visit cindy
at was great..we went to this greek speaker and he
was very insperational and he was talkin bout bein the cow
lol and if like neone is doin something bad after drinking
you have to moooo at them and put them in their
then it is cindys greek week and we went to the pool games
and everyone there is sooo ya the best part is we
went to whenwood after to see her boy friends that she
always talks about...they were anti social at first but
then we were all drinkin and it was i was the
advice giver all it was me frank jj and dan
sittin there talking forever and then me frank and jj went
outside to smoke a cigar ut it was wierd cuz they were
like u dont inhale and what is the point if u dont
inhale..thats like mouth cancer? ya then we sat and
talked somemore with tee cindy and steve and then i passed
out..cheryl woke me up in the morning cuz we had to
leave..i drove for like 3 hours too and then we went to
Rutgers!!!...yeah that was the best time ever..cuz i
havent seen poopers in forever AND we had a fukin
blast!!!..its wierd cuz evan lives on the same floor as
amanda and we met her other friends we went on a
campus tour on the bus kinda and then we went to eat at
this mongolian place..we saw the eclipse it was crazee!!
then we chilled in danielle and liz's room til we went
out..we went to DEK with even and anthony putignano from
clifton who came to visit evan, this guy crazy k or kevin,
liz, these two other girls like simonne and her friend and
then the three of us..they had "punch" which tasted like a
dissolved jello shot lol and it got u messed me
and amanda had 4 together then i had another and a beer
and we were pretty gone..we were all dancing and shit and
evan danced with 2 girls and one looked urkanian lol...all
in all it was a great nite and we sat in the lounge til
like 430...thats 2 nites not goin to bed til 430
girls made it a GREAT gonna have to visit
rutgers more tho cuz its like PSU main and they dont get
busted!!!..luv all my girls and we gotta top this over