Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-11-08 18:17:34 (UTC)


Urhg, sharon met this lad the other week on one of those
text message chat room things and he rings her everyday.
The other day he rng her 3 times at lunch and they're
constantly texting. They've got each others email addresses
and now whenevershe forwards one it one which says "I love
you sharron" from him or "I'm now going out with sharon"
Ahh...I don't care. He's emailing me and I don't know
him.She doesn't. They've never met. It's sad really. Its a
completely different thing to just being mates....he lives
in Surrey and says he's going to come u and see her. Still,
he's younger than the other one she met. He was 30, the new
one's 18.

Don't know what ese to write...Oh! I do....after our
history exams were marked, a random 19 were sent back to
make sure the examiner had marked them correctly. 11 out of
those have come back and gone up a grade. Jem has an A now,
instead of a B! I hope my grade goes up to a B....I only
got a C :(

I hate history at the moment. I hadn't done my essay and I
was stressoing and panicking over the holiday trying to get
it done. I handed it in on the Monday morning and he told
me I should have posted it...!!!!Then Jem saw him a week
later and she still hadn't done her 1st question!!!
Grr...her mum had rung school and told them she had flu. I
had a really bad cold too. I couldn't breath or get out of
bed...but I didn't get an extension. It annoyed me but I'm
over it now...

Watched Finding Nemo the other day. It was alright but Emi
went mad. She's 17 and she acts like a 6 year old when she
watches Disney film...