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2003-11-08 07:28:38 (UTC)

Can't See Not Saying

I went to homecoming with my friend Dan1.... I was planning
on my other friend Dan2 asking me to go....but he never
did. When he didn't ask me...I decided not to go. The day
before homecoming...Dan1 asked I went with him.
Now.. when I showed up at the dance I was surprised to see
Dan 2 there. I didn't really get a chance to talk to him
at all... which kinda sucked... I wanted to dance with him
at least once that night, but he never asked.. I dunno why
he didn't.. I mean... he knows I would have danced with
him... I mean.. I wanted to... I dunno.. he always thinks I
dont like him.. but I do.. I love em, he's a great friend
of mine... oh well, no matter how much I tell em that he
wont believe me... anyway... so about 45 mins before the
dance ended....I went looking for him but I couldn't find
him... and other people had told me he left. I was kind of
upset after that... so I got Dan 1 and asked him if he
wanted to go.. and left. I did have fun dancing with Dan1
all night tho.. he was a fun date, we had a good time.
Although the post dance activities (not what you're
thinking) were a lot more fun, we did have fun at the dance
too. Blah blah blah... it's like 3 in the morning... and
I'm sooooo sooo soooooo tired.... so I'm rambling about
stuff nobody cares about... but it doesn't matter.. because
few people will read this anyway.. I'm not too interested
in keeping an audience entertained... ok... I'm done
talking... now.