2003-11-08 04:12:15 (UTC)

sometimes i trip on how happy we could be.

i have the most god awful cramps of my life. im so mad.
we had REALLY good sushi and it was a cute little place and
i was in so much pain and trying not to show it. and then
i almost had a fucking heart attack, we were talking about
work, and i was like "I get to train caroline tomorrow!!"
and sebastien cracks up "huhuhuh TRAIN her huhuhuh" and
matts all "huh" and then after we left, matt calls me and
hes like "can you have sebastien call me later" and im like
why thats fucked up and sebastiens like "what do i do he's
guna ask me if youre gay" cus every time he hangs out with
us something comes up... but then he calls and hes
like "you gotta help me i have the biggest crush on her i
like her so much is there anything i can do" how bloody
annoying. how fucking lame is that. but i love sebastien
hes like "nope not right now but i'll let you know." i
feel bad but. all i care about right now is my uterus
being stabbed over and over with this invisible knife. and
its late. and i have to get up early. and im stressed
over this paper i have to write and im actually a little
stressed that when matt finds out carolines working with me
all hell is goign to break loose and im just all kinds of
cranky. =( and not happy at all.