Cosmic Rain
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2003-11-08 00:48:16 (UTC)


The suns gone today. Feels like a mood swing. Gone from
bright smiles to overcast frowns..I think I woke up like
that this morning after realising the sun wasn't there

STARKJACK...That song you told me to get. Do I kill you now
or later??? lol...For months now I've been getting that
song stuck in my head, singing it over and over and over,
because it's the theme song to Star Ship Enterprise,
because my housemate watches it..And it just sits there in
my head and I keep singing it. I do like it. It's one of
those songs you do like, because they get stuck, but it's
one song I've been trying to get out of my head as I thank you for it, because now I can
listen to it in my own time..

How time travels so fast. I thought about my Nan all of
yesterday and last night, because it was a year ago
yesterday that she passed away. And having to view her body
on my Birthday...It was all very surreal..Celebrating life
and mourning death...It all feels like just
yesterday...Maybe that is why today I feel somewhat
bleak..Somewhat shadowed...And also somewhat sorry I didn't
do something yesterday for someone. Because hey life is
fickle like that.. Miss doing something one day, might not
get the chance tomorrow..Wont be the same today, as it was
yesterday. And it's not. It's overcast, where yesterday it
was bright. And today I feel sad. Just downright sad,
because when it comes around again, you realise what you
are missing and what you lost. And even though I don't
usually go to a cementry to leave something near the day of
passing. Do that on their birthdays and things, but today I
feel like going there, because I want to tell her I miss
her and Pop..