Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-11-07 23:38:06 (UTC)

Tempus Fugit-yakamoto

Rotundity reflipped his words up sideways and took them
back again. Ail, the barbarian, wanted to crush his little
wizard friend upside the ying-yang, but decided not to, for
he may still have his uses... Ali, the ailiphant, however,
was betwixt the neverfore, nevermore. And Olly, she was a
girl, chewed gum, and looked on.

Nicodaemus, celebrated his octal new year, and breathed in
new life into his lungs, and charged his heart with the
fire of desire, defiler, and descryer, all in one.

Unity, futility, and lunacy, all resounded within a
deafening roar, and died a miserable death.

His hands, were craven, gaunt, stretched skin over knobby
bones, but did not crackle when you bent

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