my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-11-07 19:29:46 (UTC)


ladeda! i am so hyper. ok so get this(it cracked me up)
wednesday after church, chris said he just wanted to be
friends i was like ok. it really didn't bother me, which
totally shocked me. i thought i'd be torn up or somethin
but i was cool abotu it, it didn't faze me. i was like
(thinkin that is) whatever i dont really care.
however, amy wasn't as forgiving ^.^ she has a thin with my
x's who out of the blue drop me. she hated ryan for a long
time lol. i felt bad about that. ryan was (is) really nice.
ne way so yea that wasn't a bad thing, nor a good thing, it
was a nuetral thing i didn't care. also that night i talked
a lot(for about 3 hours) with Casey which was awesome i
miss talkin to him that much, and i also talked to Kenny a
lot too which was also cool.

So at the present time, i am listening to the new
neighboors next door in they're big truck... it sounds nice
hehe. i like big trucks.. big tires... nniiccceee. ANY WAY
yea so that cool.

ive got this thing with cussing. i hate it. so before i buy
a cd, i read through all the lyrics to check and see if it
has cussing. so i was gonna get three days grace, till i
got to liek the last 3 songs. then i said "nope." kinda
sucked really bcuz i like they're song i hate everything
about you. its cool. dude. today i just realized who brand
new is, and chris, garrett and chris' friend(i forgot his
name) went to they're concert saturday night. chris was
trying to tell me who they were but i couldn't remember but
NOW i do i was like "ah! i like them too!" but hey. it's
probably better. i would have liked to have gone tho, i
love concerts.

im gonna jet.(that song by jet is stuck in my head, maybe
thats why i said that.)

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