you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2003-11-07 07:55:41 (UTC)

PeACHEs - FucK THe PaiN AwAY

it's almost 3am and i'm totally hyper. no more cafinated
tea and rolos before bed... alkdgjalghaldkjf. tomorrow is
a hald day. YES. everyday should be a half day. then i
could be home for lunch... lunch, food, shit i'm hungry. i
don't feel like getting somthing to eat, though. oh well.
empty tummy for me. hopefully andrew can sleep over on
saturday... if he can't maybe i'll ditch MYA i dunno. it's
hard b/c i want to see everyone in wayne but i miss
andrew...ah. life is hard. now i sound like a brat- i am a
brat. ahh shit this is going nowhere but down. i'm going
to bed.