2003-11-07 01:51:13 (UTC)

cus i will never ever walk away...

i'll find a way.
she could never love you like i do.

what a great day!!!! i was excited all day but also
worried but then she FINALLY got there and SHE STARTS

i worked late again even though danielle left, matt stayed
and helped me for another hour, i did BIG stuf this
afternoon and i carried it all by myself i'm guna get
muscles lol.

damn it, that girl from FTJ sent me the nicest email this
morning and now she just asked for my number so we can hang
out some time and i gave it to her but i cant fucking
remember her name for anything in the world. they should
put a feature on your buddy list where you can add their
name there too lol.

im so happy. i cant believe she told the bitch. thats
funny. but she was so excited and that totally made my
day, even though i probably wont see her all the time cus
she'll work days i dont, i know she was really happy and
that was the best. and she's guna work saturday i think
and not only will i be getting paid overtime all day but
she'll be there!! now i have the best job in the world AND
my girl is there!!

Thursday's doria roberts, Friday I'm going to tampa YAY!
im very happy today. and very tired. im guna take a bath
and go to bed!