Nick's Journal
2003-11-06 22:28:40 (UTC)

I probably shouldn't have washed that pill down with beer

i have had a shitload of shit to do lately. i've had job
interviews, talking to people on the phone about job
interviews, tests, homework, etc. etc. it's like i'm one
retarded monkey chasing a banana on a string. exhausting
myself to death.
anyhow i haven't gotten much cleaning going on up in here,
so my room and desk are atrocious. at this moment there
are 10 beast light cans on my desk, all from varoius time
intervals. there are two bottles of prescription pills, a
box of no-doze and a box of sleep aids. there are
tylenol sinuses here also. and there are vitamins. today
i took the no-doze, but i washed them down with a luke
warm beast light. whoops, isn't that hilarious? you know
what's not hilarious? having to fucking fish through the
other nine beers to figure out whcih one i just put down.
it takes me about a half hour to get drunk cos i can't
fucking find my beer. my desk is definetly an atrocity to
the sanctity of the human mind. it's getting hit with all
this shit? nice.
anyhow aside from that i've been eating at the cafeteria
at school this week cos i'm doing the annual chili
challenge. sweet sweatin' christ do i love that place!!!
you see i would always go there with luke, dave, and nate
the first year, then came mark, jason, john, ryan, and
keith (not necessarily in that order). see now all i
really eat for lunch is a fucking ham and cheese.
peanuts. blech. this week i went back to the rigorous
diet!!! aside from the chili i have eaten a mulitude of
stomach contorting food. like today, i had the chili,
then i got a chicken fried steak (great if you want to
completely blow your colon), a piece of chicken (they
always have that), cheese fries (i've gotten those every
day, basically i put molten cheese on them, then sour
cream then lettuce, then tomatoes), then i had them make
me a bacon, ham, cheddar, and egg sandwhich, that i
promptly douse in mayo. i washed it all down with 4
cherry cokes.
sure my colon got out of my body and sat down in the chair
next to me as i began eating, but it was worth it!!