Ramblings of a Mom
2003-11-06 20:57:34 (UTC)

I can't stand it!

Okay, I'm having issues today. I don't feel like crying
exactly, but I can tell I'm upset, I'm restless. I am
worried about these plane tickets, and if we are buying
them (rather than his sister charging them for him and us
paying her), how are we going to afford to get the baby
furniture? When are we going to get the baby furniture?
I'm starting to get anxious. We have just over 10 weeks to
go to my due date. We start Lamaze class on Sunday and
then do that for 5 Sundays.
I am fretting over the mortgage. Will they re-run it? If
so, when will they do that? Will he find out? Should I
tell him? Will he be pissed? Or will he just say, well,
it happens, let's not let it happen again. I just don't
I have done laundry all day today, washing things just
because of animal hair. I even cleaned my son's toilet
(that is always a nasty job). I keep watching the time,
hoping it's time for my son to come home so that I have a
better distraction. I even got upset when I saw a picture
of my baby brother's ship coming into the bay in the
newspaper today. To think, everyone is there to meet him
but me. Then again, it wouldn't be right to pull my son
out of school again as an 'unexcused absence' to see his
I sent an email to my cousin this morning reinforcing my
position about the get-together being at my house at
Christmas and I'm not sure if it went through or not due to
hang-ups with my internet connection. I'm telling you, I'm
experiencing the AD/HD today, I just can't, or don't want
to, focus!
Oh hell's bells, I guess it's got to get better, my son
should be home soon, I'll have something else to focus on
for a while. Maybe I'll be better later.

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