Ramblings of a Mom
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2003-11-06 13:25:04 (UTC)

Dang it!!!

Well, as much as I prayed and hoped that our mortgage check
wouldn't hit the account until tonight, it hit yesterday,
and the bank bounced it back! Shit, I am so screwed! I
can only hope that they will run it back through again so
that it can clear, because at midnight tonight, he gets
paid again, and it will be a goooood check. He put in 72
hours last week! Then, last night he tells me that we are
NOT buying the crib this weekend because we have to buy his
ticket to NC to see his Dad for Thanksgiving. I find a
possible round-trip ticket for less than $200, but he has
to be flexible about what time he flies in and out. He
says to go for it but to wait until Friday night to book
it. I tell him that I can do it Friday morning, and he
tells me that he wants to be here when I do it, so the
prices will probably go up, but whatever! After all is
said and done, he then tells me that he wants to arrive and
leave NC during daylight so that his Dad is not driving in
the dark. I can respect that, however, I looked this
morning, and the tickets, if we begin to get picky about
times, will run us almost $700.
Before all of this occurs, I get an email from my cousin,
and she and her mom have decided that it will be too
stressful for me to host the family at my house for
Christmas for the get-together to welcome home my baby
brother and to meet his soon-to-be bride. I don't think
they understand, I would much rather have this shin-dig
here at home rather than have to load up and move
everything somewhere else. We have been planning this for
almost 2 months already, and I do not want to have
Christmas with the family in some strange rental place. To
be honest, I need to be at home, and I need to do this for
my brother, if nothing else, but to show my support for him
and his choice in his bride (no matter how much I may
disagree inside). I appreciate people's well meaning ways,
but I need to do this my way, don't interfere, ya know?
However, on a good note, my son had "Exceptional Behavior
Today!" written on his lilly pad sheet yesterday. He went
from 2 terrible days to a perfect day! Whooppeeee! I am
so proud of him! I always love him and am proud of him,
but I also know with his disorder, it can be difficult for
him to be good all of the time. He is such an incredible
kid. We played Spelling Bee Bingo together and I followed
through on my promise from the night before that if he had
a good day yesterday after such a rough couple of days
before that, that I would read him 2 bedtime stories
instead of one. I followed through with that promise. He
even got to watch Ice Age on HBO last night with my
husband. I am thinking that if he keeps it up through
today and tomorrow, I am going to take him to see Brother
Bear in the movie theaters either Friday or Saturday before
he goes to his Dad's.
Oh, and my husband tells me last night that we are going
out with a co-worker/friend of his and his girlfriend
Saturday night. I was almost shocked! We haven't gone out
(with other people) other than meeting for dinner somewhere
since right after we found out I was pregnant! It just
goes to show what kind of person he is, if that makes any
sense. Anyway, gotta run, need to do things before the
weekend gets here and I didn't get much accomplished
yesterday, I was just too tired. Later!

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