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2003-11-06 10:02:51 (UTC)

Spiders ate my brains

Actually, they havent gone that far quite yet...but Im sure
that day will come.
So I have this Spider problem in my apartment..its not web
spiders...at least with those you can find their homes and
get rid of them...nope, I got jumping spiders that roam
around like dirty ole hoboes. and there are LOTS of them..I
kill one then another appears on the ceiling or jumping
around in the sink...On one hand they must be eating
SOMETHING...so thts good right? They could be feasting on
mites I cant see or even worse lice or something...but
spiders are just so damn creepy....Jumping spiders are also
startling too. with web spiders, they slide dowm their webs
all mysterious and sneaky like...but its slow with plenty of
time to avoid the buggers...but jumping spiders leap with
immense speed...righttowards your face...FREAKY!!! you cant
get out of the way in time AHHHH!!!!
I see one now on my curtain. bye bye you eight eyed
multylegged sucker.