It smells like poop over here
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2003-11-06 05:06:12 (UTC)

one step, makes an imprint

two steps, is commitment, three steps, im not done yet;
lift my one leg up and the pace is set." "imprint" by
double drive. they play this commercial at work with that
song on it so i've been singing it for a few days now.
before that i kept singing "so fresh and clean" by outkast.
i think everything is ok between lauren and i. we talked
on the phone tonight for a good half hour or so.
unfortunatly, not tricia is bothering me. "so when are we
gonna hang out next?" "i don't know, i have to work a lot
in the next few weeks, jon and daniel both asked for a lot
of time off." "well are we still gonna go to sugarcult on
the 19th?" "i already told you i had to work that
night." "well, are you gonna try to switch with
someone?" "i can't, i already switched so i could get the
22nd off for anti-flag." "i guess it's up to YOU to decide
when WE'RE gonna hang out next, so gimme a call sometime."
like all this is my fault. sorry, but not everyone can be
as lucky as you and work 3 days a week, some people have
bills and rent and are totally self-sufficent...whatever.
i think im gonna pass out, i gotta work early. PEACE


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